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Successful organizations create an optimal balance of patient, staff, and visitor experiences.  Through collaboration with you and your organization, I help you to understand the complexities of the current healthcare environment and how to use your resources for strategic targeting to create your optimal balance. Find out more below.

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Patient Experience

Improve CAHPS performance and reimbursement

Whether HCAHPS, CG-CAHPS, OAS-CAHPS, or any other CAHPS or experience surveying, we can partner with you to create improvement plans to increase scores and maximize reimbursement.

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Staff Engagement

Reduce turnover and increase job satisfaction

Staff satisfaction directly impacts your organization's overall performance.  Together we can develop and implement strategies to improve staff engagement and reduce turnover costs during this time of staffing shortages.

Social Distancing

Service Excellence Outsourcing

Reduce costs and risk with streamlined, remote services

Many services can be outsourced to free up organizations to focus on the work of caring for patients.  By partnering together, we can create a package that allows organizations to receive some services remotely which lowers costs and risk to organizations.

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